It’s all too easy to assume that the way the world is now, is the natural state it will remain in. So it’s important to challenge your own mindset by exploring why past shifts happened, then leveraging that insight to anticipate future shifts ahead.

What seems like “overnight change” often takes a decade to play out. This fast-moving world is actually changing at a slower rate. However because many busy leaders fail to detect and examine the change as it’s happening, it sneaks up on them creating avoidable disruption.

For example we live in a world where it seems like the norm is for the economy to be driven by large corporations. As a result many have missed a fundamental shift that’s already well underway. A shift in the power base from corporations to platforms.

As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt outlined two years ago in How Google Works, in times past (a.k.a. Downton Abbey days) the economy was powered by stately homes which employed the surrounding communities. Then the industrial revolution shifted the workforce and economic power base to large corporations.

But that was then and this is now. Fuelled by the digital revolution another shift has been playing out. The power base has been shifting from corporations to platforms. What first began with platform-based businesses like Google and Facebook, has now evolved into the platform economy – driven by a “new” breed of companies from Airbnb to Uber, Alibaba to Didi Chuxing...

Many of which are now approaching a decade old or more. So time to reframe your perspective and ask yourself: What platform will power the success of our future?

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