The CEO Futurelab combines fresh insight with peer-level conversation to position your organisation ahead of critical shifts.

The world isn’t changing as fast as many believe. However leaders risk being too far removed from the changes happening all around them. As a result new competitors and disruptive strategies evolve in their blind spots.

The CEO Futurelab shifts this by providing Chief Executives with critical insight into the latest innovations – and more importantly, the new thinking behind the change. The format combines accelerated insight presentation with reflective peer group discussion.

Futurelab Focus: NEXT GENERATION SHIFTS (3 July 2018)


If we want to see the future we can’t look at our own thought patterns – as they’ve already been too preset in another age. Businesses communicate with email. Money is kept in bank accounts. Cars have steering wheels.

To get a future view beyond the preconceptions of your colleagues and competitors, it’s important to consciously step out of your own environment to better understand the next generation.

So for July’s CEO Futurelab we’ve collaborated with AUT’s Student Entrepreneurship team to create a CEO experience like no other. Chief Executives and students will be rapidly presented with insights into disruptive industry shifts, before collaborating across generations to uncover new ideas and strategies for adapting.

As a peer group event the CEO Futurelab also provides the space and time to explore what these shifts mean at a personal level for others. Hearing how other CEOs are going about adapting their leadership approach. While more deeply exploring the views of the next generation of customers and collaborators.

Next event:
Tue 3 July, 8am-11:30am

AUT City Campus
WG Sir Paul Reeves Building
Te Iringa The Wave Room (WG308)
55 Wellesley Street East
Auckland, New Zealand

2018/19 event dates:
Tue 3 July 2018, 8am-11:30am
Wed 17 October 2018, 8am-11:30am
Thu 21 March 2019, 8am-11:30am

$750 + gst for an annual subscription
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Attend any or all of the annual
series of three CEO Futurelab events

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Please note: The CEO Futurelab is by invite only as it is a Chief Executive exclusive event, which ensures conversations with peers.
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CEO Futurelabs have been attended by Chief Executives from corporate, technology, government and social sectors across New Zealand including:



The CEO Futurelab is run by Dave Wild, a Futurist who works with Executive Leadership Teams, Boards, Digital Leaders and high potential leadership groups. 

Dave has led workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Unique to his approach is a futurist focus on the new, which he applies when facilitating strategy sessions and coaching innovation workshops for clients such as Air New Zealand, NZ Rugby, Ministry for the Environment and NZ Trade & Enterprise.

The best thing about working with Dave is that if you have allowed yourself or your organisation to become even the tiniest bit complacent he quickly concentrates minds by ensuring we are looking forward to what might be, rather than allowing ourselves to be captured by the here and now or the past. Not once I have come away from a session with Dave without learning something new or having my preconceptions tested. There aren’t too many people that I have worked with over the years that I could say that about.
— Peter Jensen, Chief Executive, Addington Raceway

Dave challenged us to move our modes of thinking towards longer-term future possibilities and away from just the obvious and immediate. Dave’s impact on our organisation has been profound. We have aimed to develop a more free-thinking, creative approach to problem-solving and really try to continuously imagine what the future could look like and determine how Bluelab will evolve and thrive in that future state.
— Greg Jarvis, Chief Executive, Bluelab

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Chief Executive insights

Central to the format of the CEO Futurelab is exploring new thought-patterns of visionaries and innovators.

By cutting to critical points in recent interviews we significantly accelerate your ability to leverage insights such as...

Dave’s facilitation is engaging and challenging. He takes you to places you’d never considered and supports you to imagine a very different future and direction. He is motivating and stimulating! He leaves you with an energy and enthusiasm for the future.
— Sally Pitts-Brown, Chief Executive, Pathways

Jack Ma, Founder, Alibaba shares how he looks 30 years ahead, then 10 years – while consciously disregarding the year ahead

WATCH (3 min)

Komal Ahmad, CEO, Copia highlights the impact of refocusing on bigger… dumber… problems – while scaling their mission beyond solving hunger to redistributing anything

READ (5 min)

WATCH (1 min)

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft advocates that leaders need to shift their mindsets from fixed to flexible – while understanding that the pursuit is not to be excellent 

WATCH (2 min)

Ginni Rometty, CEO, IBM explains why artificial intelligence is just a subset of an even more significant shift

WATCH (4 min)

Image credits : Apple Lam / Copia / Microsoft / Fortune