Eat. Sleep. Work. Repeat.

Ever feel like you don’t have time to think about the future?

Welcome to Futurespace...

Futurespace is an event like no other

It’s so different we haven’t even decided exactly what it might look like. However because the future waits for no-one, we’re curating a space for you as a future-focused leader. To step beyond day-to-day demands, gaining a new perspective on what the future might look like.

Explore your future

During this inspiring and energising day, Futurist Dave Wild will share insights about emerging work trends. Exploring Futuready skills that will be key to thriving in the workplace. After a break to head out for lunch, you will have the space to do your own thinking while Dave and other participants are available to collaborate with.

You’ll walk, talk, pause, reflect and possibly even aimlessly look out the window. Your organisation will think you’re hard at work – and you will be, but in a very different way.

  • Morning 9am-12pm = Trends Exploration / Futureadying
  • Afternoon 1pm-4pm = Reflecting / Collaborating

Pay it forward into the future
A unique aspect of Futurespace is that it operates on a 1:1 basis (buy one give one) – every paid ticket gifts a free ticket to a social enterprise to help get them Futuready.

You can specifically name someone from a nonprofit organisation you wish to build a relationship with. Not sure who to invite? No problem! We’ll select someone from our list of social organisations helping to move the world forward.

Book your place for a better future
With only 30 tickets available, book now to create the future with us.

Dave’s facilitation is engaging and challenging. He takes you to places you’d never considered and supports you to imagine a very different future and direction. He is motivating and stimulating! He leaves you with an energy and enthusiasm for the future.
— Sally Pitts-Brown, Chief Executive, Pathways

$99 (gst inclusive)
Your 1:1 ticket also gifts a free ticket to a nonprofit social enterprise

Feel the world is rushing by?
Take time to explore the future

Seafarers Members Club
52 Tyler St, Britomart
Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday 25 September 2019 9am-12pm + 1pm-4pm

Nonprofit Social Enterprises

We’ll help get you Futuready while you make the world a better place.

For every paid ticket we’re making a ticket available at no charge (value NZD99) to social good nonprofits.

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Future Dates

We're on a mission to get the world Futuready. Pre-register for advance notification when Futurespace comes to your city:

  • Wellington
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Dave Wild, Futurist is an experienced innovator who helps clients across New Zealand and beyond to accelerate into the future

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Dave challenged us to move our modes of thinking towards longer-term future possibilities and away from just the obvious and immediate. Dave’s impact on our organisation has been profound. We have aimed to develop a more free-thinking, creative approach to problem-solving and really try to continuously imagine what the future could look like and determine how Bluelab will evolve and thrive in that future state.
— Greg Jarvis, Chief Executive, Bluelab

Futurespace is led by Futurist
Dave Wild who works with Executive Leadership Teams, Boards, Digital Leaders and high potential leadership groups. 

Dave has led Futurelabs in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Unique to his approach is a futurist-focus on the new, which he applies when facilitating strategy sessions and coaching innovation workshops for clients such as Air New Zealand, Microsoft and Xero.