Dave Wild believes we can all have a part in creating a bright future. He inspires audiences around the world with insights to open their minds to new possibilities ahead. His engaging and inspiring approach challenges and energises audiences.

From international conferences to strategy days, it's vital that speakers do more than just inspire your audience. Otherwise the impact is far too short-lived. This is a critical difference in the approach Dave Wild takes as a Futurist – not just inspiring and informing but also energising audiences to move into action.

What I love most about Dave is his flexibility in adapting to the requirements of the culture of the organisation and the desired outcomes. He offers fresh perspectives and exposes you to global trends and innovations. Dave brings a huge array of tools and I have seen him take people through a journey where even people who don’t consider themselves to be creative or innovative start making connections and generating new ways of thinking to start doing things differently for their business.
— Melissa Crawford
Head of Talent and Development
The Warehouse Group


As an innovation-led Futurist, Dave Wild always tailors his presentation to your event and audience requirements.

For example he speaks on “The Future of...” across a diverse range of industries from finance to manufacturing.

Keynote topics include:

  • Create the Future

  • Superhuman Intelligence

  • The Future of Work

  • Go Further Faster

  • Beyond Digital

Dave also speaks to leadership teams across industry and government on a diverse range of topics – for example Health “Creating a Healthy Future”, Tourism “Travelling into the Future” and Transport “Transport Yourself into the Future.”


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Dave is a high energy and thought-provoking futurist. He has an engaging style and is adept at using clear frameworks to help clients become proficient at visioning for future customer needs, innovation and rapid design prototyping. I have had direct experience with Dave’s facilitation at leadership and team days and would not hesitate to do so again.
— Mark Wilkshire
Group Manager Marketing

Create the Future

Albert Einstein. Henry Ford. Anita Roddick. Steve Jobs.

Giants of the past who shaped the world we live in today.
While most people instantly recognise giants of the past, too few know the names of many of the giants reshaping our world today. Meanwhile, from virtual reality to artificial intelligence, a number of fast-moving trends are set to impact on our future.

From Airbnb to Uber, Alibaba to Tesla, a different way of thinking is needed to compete in a fast-changing environment. Standing on the shoulders of the giants of the new age...

While the ability to do this requires a change in thinking, with the right techniques the shift is a learnable skill. So during this interactive presentation you’ll not only explore the future, you’ll actively start creating it.

My experience of Dave is that he inspires and delivers. One of his key strengths is his flexibility – he can work with a wide range of people and organisations and at different scales, timeframes and on disparate problem spaces. Nothing scares him, nothing bores him. Dave couples a high energy, hands-on and inclusive style with a sharp strategic brain. I have always had fantastic feedback about the impact that Dave has made.
— Jane Strange
Auckland Co-Design Lab

Superhuman Intelligence

In the new age of artificial intelligence, it’s becoming more important than ever to understand what capabilities are uniquely human. Leveraging new insights to better prepare for future shifts ahead.

Learn how visionaries and innovators use Superhuman Thinking to change the world. Then walk away with a new mindset for creating your own future.

The best thing about working with Dave is that if you have allowed yourself or your organisation to become even the tiniest bit complacent he quickly concentrates minds by ensuring we are looking forward to what might be, rather than allowing ourselves to be captured by the here and now or the past. Not once I have come away from a session with Dave without learning something new or having my preconceptions tested. There aren’t too many people that I have worked with over the years that I could say that about.
— Peter Jensen, Chief Executive, Southern Response

The Future of Work

Nothing is more central to the success of any organisation than its people. Setting effective strategy isn't about plans and process, it's about anticipating and shaping beliefs and behaviour.

However a significant disruption is well underway. What seems to be overnight change often plays out over a decade, as a generational shift in leadership takes place. For example while email is the default communication channel for most leaders today, with 1.5 billion people actively Facebooking you'll get a very different response from the future leaders now entering organisations.

As a result an invisible gulf is widening within our workplaces, with different generations failing to connect across the differing channels. Many business leaders choose to ignore these pivotal shifts, until the shift in forces is too great and the inevitable happens.

However future-focused leaders not only anticipate these shifts, they create them. So instead of being Uberised or Netflixed they innovate and predict the future by creating it.

So you think you know strategy development; leadership; innovation? Dave makes you rethink all of that with his thought-provoking insights, dynamic facilitation, boundless energy – and great sense of humour! We had a great couple of days with Dave that have created ongoing ripples impacting our strategy review, leadership mindset, customer engagement and all-round – ‘make it happen’ approach!
— Keri-Anne Tane, General Manager People, Culture and Safety, Scion

Go Further Faster

In a fast-changing environment today’s leaders need new ways of working, otherwise they risk falling behind the expectations and working habits of the next-generation workforce. At the same time a new leadership counter-trend is emerging, where the ability to reflect deeply and mindfully is needed to gain clarity amongst the noise.

This presentation begins with an interactive briefing on critical trends. But it doesn’t stop there, because you’ll then learn how to accelerate your own ability to scan for trends. To go further. Faster.

However it’s one thing to identify a market shift. It’s far harder to convince others to take action as a result. So you’ll then discover how to apply visionary leadership techniques to challenge the status quo, inspiring others to take action.

Dave challenged us to move our modes of thinking towards longer-term future possibilities and away from just the obvious and immediate. Dave’s impact on our organisation has been profound. We have aimed to develop a more free-thinking, creative approach to problem-solving and really try to continuously imagine what the future could look like and determine how Bluelab will evolve and thrive in that future state.
— Greg Jarvis
Chief Executive

Beyond Digital

It’s all too easy to assume that the way the world is now, is the natural state it will remain in. So it’s important to challenge your own mindset by exploring why past shifts happened, then leveraging that insight to better prepare for future shifts ahead.

What seems like “overnight change” often takes a decade to play out. This fast-moving world is actually changing at a slower rate. However because many busy people fail to detect and examine the change as it’s happening, it sneaks up on them creating avoidable disruption.

For example digital and mobile aren’t the future. They’re past trends still playing out. So what’s next? From artificial intelligence to mixed reality, the worlds of bits and atoms are merging. Requiring new ways of servicing customers and changes in digital platforms.

In this interactive session you’ll gain a deeper understanding of this fundamental shift. You’ll learn how visionaries and innovators are using Superhuman Thinking to change the world. Then you’ll walk away from the session with a new mindset for creating your own future.

Dave Wild is a genius. A futurist, strategist and provocateur. One of the things I love about his style is his ability to project thinking into the future in a pragmatic, relatable way – he connects the information to the audience, making the future relatable and relevant to their world. He is generous with his knowledge and keen to help other people navigate their path to better thinking. He’s one of those people that you can relax and let loose on a group knowing it will go well and deliver outstanding results.
— Anna Campbell
Chief People Officer
The Warehouse Group